Queston of perspectives?

Lets say you had a very hurtful breakup or perhaps lost a friend. Either way you are feeling tortured and question if you should kill yourself. Now fast forward 2-3 years until you have recovered from it and perhaps even become happy again.

Would you say that sticking through all that bad stuff was worth it, or perhaps its only worth it because you have already put that pain behind you and prefer not to recall it anymore?

Basically is it worth it in the end or are we just telling ourselves that the happiness we felt after outweighs the torture we went through.


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  • I'm a person who smiles all day for no reason and is happy with her life even though I'm single, all my friends are out of town for college, and the only person I can hang out with is my mom who works 60 hours a week. I think I have my past depression to thank for that. The fact that I've spent time in a dark place, once thought of ending my life, and recovered from that gives me a new appreciation for the life I have. Therefore, I'd have to say that it was definitely worth it to stick through the bad stuff. I have a wonderful life and I'm truly blessed.

    • That is good to hear. I sincerely hope you have a bright future ahead of you.

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  • I think that the bad experiences make us wiser and more empathetic to hurting people in the end. We are less naive and sheltered, but we get further grounded in learning the "important" things in life sometimes. I would do anything to get my friend back though, who recently died. :'(

    • Sorry to hear that.

    • Thanks. I just keep thinking about her. If I get self-absorbed over first-world problems I think of her and realize I need to keep living and make the world a better place to honor her. I hope terminal illness is eradicated one day.

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  • How is this even question... My worst heart break left me in pain for about a year. Death is final. Heartbreak sucks, I mean really sucks but it's not even close to death. You get through that sh*t. Killing yourself solves nothing.

    • Who said it had to solve anything?

      My question were if people just told themselves "it was all worth it in the end" because they have suppressed the memories of how bad they actually had it.

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    • So why are you asking? That generally indicates a cry for help, or a liar that is attention seeking. So I guess you're a liar.

    • I have already made my choice dude. If its a cry for help its too late and directed towards the wrong people. I just recognize that there are people who think differently from me so I wanted to know what they thought.

  • I think coping with all that torment and inner angst and going through the motions in of itself is a process. The grieving part comes first and then you just get over it. If you turn out to be happy after all that, then I guess it was worth it because now you're happy.

    • So basically any amount of torment and angst is meaningless as long as it is in the past?

      I can agree with it being a process however.

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    • Now you are starting to sound like a Buddhist monk dude..

      I think the only reason suffering is natural is because its so much more likely then happiness. Does not mean its right.

    • Both happiness and suffering are natural.

  • The times where we grow the most as people is when its the hardest to keep moving along.

    • Hmm.. That does not sound right. There are plenty of people that are permanently scarred or outright destroy themselves because life became too hard for them.

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    • Sure, as you said, some people don't make it and crumble. But is that because they didn't grow, or is that just the human condition? Some people and the way their brain chemistry works, as well as ubringing and their environment are more susceptible than others to 'crumbling' or 'giving up'. Which in a way is 'growing' in a sense that theyve found their limits and capabilities.

    • I see. Thank you for your opinion on this subject.

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