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So lets say you see a girl YOU KNOW (and text w even). She comes towards you and sits close to you, is happy and smiling. You, on the the other hand, freeze in your chair. You stiffen your shoulders, you don't even look up and say hello. You're frozen like a deer in headlights. You act as though she isn't there, stare down at your phone. She eventually has to break the ice and say hello. You still can't look at her but eventually warm up. You do so by laughing at anything, tease her, even playfully make fun and call her names. Do you do this because.

A. You don't ike her and wish she didn't show up.

B. like her, in fact so much that you panic and have no idea how to act. In fact, you feel like an idiot even just sitting there in silence so you start tapping your knee. You're nervous. (WHY?)

C. Don't want to talk to her and tease hoping shed leave.

Update: To be clear, you have absolutely no problem talking to other girls and interacting with them, eye contact, hugging them etc. With her, you feel more comfortable sitting a seat away and am very jumpy if she accidentaly or casually touches you. Why is she different?
Also, if the girl has requested to spend time with him and he is hesitant? Needs to think about it. Have you done this to a girl? Fear? Fear of commitment?


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  • It is either one of two things. Either he likes you and may have gotten nervous by your approach. This is pretty common if the guy is shy or really likes the girl. Sometimes too much thought enters a guys brain and causes us to freeze up; we're thinking about what to say, how to act, where to put our hand. We have to seem cool for our ladies. OR he was really distracted by something else, his mind was focused on that when you approached, and you were just breaking him out of his concentration at which point he went into normal mode. Actually there is a third option too, which is both of those combined. He was thinking about something else and his mind was on that. He also likes you and the combination of being brought out of his thoughts by you caused his brain to stumble. I would vote option three.

    FYI you started that off the same way a really bad college p*rno would start out.

    • I like the third option. To be clear, he does this behavior every time I see him. When he finally relaxes, he's silly, obnoxious/sarcastic and can't stop laughing. It's like a nervous giddy laugh when you laugh really hard at anything the person says. Does that make sense?

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    • ...You realize with every extra thing that you write you are basically just telling me that he likes you more. So, now that I can say with 92% (Just cuz) certainty that he likes you and you make him feel shy and boyish, are you going to do anything with your new found knowledge? The laughs when he gets under your skin was just the coup de grace for showing that he likes you.

    • Really? Wow...and hear I thought he found me annoying. Ee've known each other a few years. We joke around and even was texting a ton recently and then the last 2 weeks he has hardly. He he replies it's a clever little tease. We rarely have a serious conversation. So, I got scared. I still don't understand why he gets goofy. He purposely shows other girls in front of me things and then tells me no and smiles when I ask to see. He loves to mess with me! Yes, it confuses me!

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  • If it was my behavior you were describing then it would be B but these days I have the confidence to be comfortable with someone I like so it wouldn't really happen.

    If it was A or C I would direct my body language away and wouldn't laugh or joke.

    • I really appreciate you describing the behavior that A or C would be. I was curious about that as I am obviously having difficulty distinguishing between them all.

  • B in all likelihood. Nerves get to me around girls I find attractive

    • Do you also get goofy and silly if and when she talks to you?

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    • He doesn't trust easily AT ALL. The weir thing is that he had NO problem meeting other people. Meaning friends of friends of other regulars there. Absolutely no problem w eye contact, shakes their hand etc. with me (always has done this) he flips around and turns to stone almost begging/hoping that I don't tap him on the shoulder to meet friends, especially of its more than one. One he is OK but still shy. W one we en up strangely talking in a midst of inside jokes, secretly jabbing at each other

    • Then his problem is completely internal. I get like this when I'm in class and my crush walks up to me. It sounds like at this point there is nothing more you can do about it. He has to come around himself if anything more is going to happen.

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