How to start talking to a guy?

So there's a guy that I think I like, and it seems like he talks to me a lot, and I want to start being closer with him. Like even if we don't date, I still want to be good friends with him and hang out with him. The problem is I'm not shy, but I get kind of nervous and say stupid stuff and I lose all sense of with that I usually have so I can't think of anything to say! help? :)


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  • just be yourself, he might find your nervousness very cute an attractive.

    • doubtful. more like repulsive.

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    • wish I knew a guy like you.

    • there's plenty guys like me<---- pretty simple, down to earth an weird. or different. but seriously clumsy an sweet women get a little angry, make my day at how adorable they act, never gets oldto my heart, plus I'm very patience. :)

  • You should always spend time to him.

    It doesn't matter what you talk about, guys will just laugh it off, and will forget it the next hour.


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