He's overly nice.. why?

i just got into a relationship and this guy was really sweet when he started talking and it kind of escaladed and he's like overly sweet and I don't know what to do cause half the time I don't know what to say so I'm always saying 'awe' or 'thats sweet'

why are some guys like this? and how do I get him to tone it down a bit?


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  • Understand you have a great person in your life, an if he's too nice for you, than don't complain later on in life, if y'all break up an all you can find is Mr. Wrong.

    Anyways tell him please tone it down a bit.

    Note, this may offend him or hurt his feelings, an he might act unappreciative an feel he's giving you his 100% of him an its not good enough.

    Take Care an Good Luck.

  • You need to distance yourself a bit from him.

    Also, stop complimenting his actions and words a lot.


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