Do you think he likes me?

We used to like each other years ago and we've recently started talking again, and I have re developed my feelings. Anyways his sister found out I like him, and she begged me to let her ask him and this is what happened:

"So what did he say "

"He didn't give me a straight answer. He may like you. I was like oh she was at your game ;) and he is like yeah. Then I said do you like her? And he is like I could stand up and punch you in the face right now. Lol so he may like you"

I have had some people say he totally likes me and some people say he might or he might not.

What do you think?
He also wanted to hang out with me on his birthday over all of his friends. But he got sick. I did however see him that night due to a sporting event.


Most Helpful Guy

  • He really likes you.

    He's embarrassed that his sister knows his attraction to you.


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  • I think he likes you , cause if he doesn't like you he gonna say that to his sister directly

    Sometimes guys acting shy or strong lol


What Girls Said 1

  • Cute conversation between bro & sis is what I'm thinking. It's hard to tell from their conversation. You've got to interact with him more. That way you can see his expression, his body language and get to know him better. At least you've got an ally - his sister! Possibility is there. Good luck.


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