How do I tune my guitar?

Just got it, but I don't think it's tuned right. I've got a tuner too, but when I play the lowest note, the E, it says "d" on my tuner. Should I just keep turning the peg until it says E at some point, or do the strings break easily, or how?



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  • Yes. I'm assuming you're at the D close to the low E, not off by an octave.

    • aight, but I can't seem to get anywhere near E by turning either way, and I'm afraid to break da strings

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    • Aight, I'll do that.

      If I understand it correctly, I can memorize several chords and then basically play anything from tabs? I can read music (At least for violin), but tabs seem easy. Any advice on where I should start? :P I'm a complete beginner

      I appreciate your help btw.

    • Depends what you're aiming for. I took lessons many many years ago and haven't played since. You should go ahead and learn to read music for guitar, with your violin background aim high.

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  • If it's reading as "D" you need to tighten it until it reaches E. Most strings don't break that easily except the smaller E string.

  • Strings are meant to take a lot of abuse, I bend the hell outta my strings and they don't snap, the only way they will snap is if you keep tightening the string, or if they are old strings.

    If your not sure how to tune your guitar, YouTube it, someone on there will give you step by step instructions on how to tune the guitar.

    • When I pluck the open E string, the highest one (in pitch), it says "C" on my tuner. I then put 3 fingers on the board of the guitar and it said 'E', which was a higher tone and the open. But I can't find that tone just by turning the knobs.

    • If you have a tuner you tune the guitar open strings. You might have the string too high, tune it down or as I mentioned you tube it, listen to someone playing and open low E string, then by ear get it close to that, then your tuner will pick it up, and you will be in the ball park, repeat with all the other strings, after go back and tune again, chances are the strings aren't quite tuned the first time.

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