How should I start talking to this guy in my class?

I'm in college and there's this pretty hot guy that sits behind me in one of my classes. Its a pretty small class and its kind of awkward because everyone seems pretty shy and no one really talks much. The teacher doesn't like him because he's always calling her out and stuff I think the stuff he says is really funny.

He sits alone and hasn't hit on any of the girls in the class that I know of yet even though a lot of them are blatantly checking him out and dropping hints. I want to find out if he has a girlfriend but I don't just want to outright ask him lol. I would talk to him but he's right behind me and I don't really know what to say to initiate a conversation and he doesn't really talk to anyone in the class except for when he's putting down our teacher :D.

What should I do?


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  • Look hot, flirt, but let him initiate. That's the best plan I can give you.


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