Why is it like this? I'm quoting from a girls answer.

"You have to understand too that women feel played and stupid because we constantly have to understand that men manipulate us. When we see one that is "real", we don't know what to do, other than stay away."

Why? I can't change my personality. If I'm real then why stay away? All that you girls would be doing is hurting my feelings. I feel deprived. I feel like I have been labeled inadequate. A red flag. Every guy has told me getting in is easy and getting them to stay is the hard part, but no girl wants to let me in. I'm lonely, I don't get any affection, and the only people that do care for me is my friends that I grew up with, which none can fill the empty gap I have in my chest!


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  • :-(.. I don't know..why its like this. :-(.

    Funny, I posted the same thing a few days ago. I wish I had the answer to this question for you, but I'm on a journey as well to find this answer. Ah man re reading your post is breaking my heart..Im truly lost for words right now.. I don't know maybe you should try and talk to this girl and say exactly what your saying here...maybe this will get her to open up yo you with out the fear of feeling manipulated and etc...i know easier said then done but its a start. Maybe you can reach that indepth relationship, you need.

    • :-).. Good luck!

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    • You, do know that you aren't the only one who's ever been rejected right?. I get how it can hurt but you know that's at times a part of life or maybe something bigger.. Not everything or body is for everyone..

    • I'm 25 years old. I'm not a little kid. I can think back as far as a couple months old; and I have no memory of even one girl liking me! If every guy acted the same way towards you then you would feel of what I'm speaking about here! Every girl has rejected me, I'm at a 100% rejection rate.

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  • Why is it like this?

    Probably because of the behavior by members of your gender.

    If I'm real then why stay away?

    Likely because many gals don't know if a guy is genuinely real or pretending to be as well as it can possibly be even more devastating for the gal to be manipulated after trusting a d*ck when her instinct said not to.

    "I'm lonely, I don't get any affection, and the only people that do care for me is my friends that I grew up with, which none can fill the empty gap I have in my chest!"

    Egh possibly this 'affection' you want is sex, physical contact, and having your ego pandered to and placated which you can pay an escort to.

    • Not every guy is the same, and if that was the case that I just wanted sex, then how come I don't hire an escort or a prostitute as you said? Because I sure do have the money for it. No, I really do want affection. I want to hold a girl in my arms and let it be something I feel. Also, I don't pretend to act genuine, it just comes out natural as I'am not one that can manipulate as its not in my nature!

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    • Obviously you are feminist, and I see why I blocked you in the past. I've just glanced at your profile and seen how cruel man hating you really are. I didn't ask you to attack me, so please go tell some one else how much you hate men, because I rather talk to somebody that understands that I'am human with feelings!

    • I don't think she is a feminist.. she hates on everybody... mean and women... Just some kind of miserable creature.

  • Maybe girls are staying away because you come off needy and low self esteem.your last paragraph says a lot

    • I was just expressing how I feel. I walk around with the biggest fake-st smile all day, you would never guessed that I'm depressed, but I'am invisible. Girls don't even notice me when I'm the only boy in the room. I can't take beating myself up any more over this, I just have to completely forget about girls from now on and live me life just looking after myself.

    • I think that your comment was unfair "needy", ."low self esteem", why cause its a guy.

      I know a few people that walk around in relationship unhappy, with a fake smile, all day I know others people who, pretend they love being singal..but really hate being alone, and one of the worst feelings in the world is being with someone and still be lonely, or just can't be with someone you want, for whatever reason. You can't be open with people and speak freely without being judged or the fear of being manipulated

  • Tell her you want to feel her touch, explain that men get nervous and have insecurity as well.

    Tell her to put down her wall and let you in so you can show her everything.

    Tell her ,your lonely and you want her affection, she probably don't know you feel or you've been feeling this way. Tell her, you have nothing to lose.

    It sounds to me that you and this girl needs to have a serious talk.

    Tell her you need some tender loving care from her...badly.

    I agree with anonymous..it's breaking my heart to read this.

    I guess we all can relate one time or another.


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  • Many people are very insecure and scared. Mainly about being disappointed and betrayed. That's usually why they stay away.

    This might sound harsh but it's not other peoples job to fill the empty gap you have in your chest. You are responsible for your own happiness and you can't expect others to give you this happiness if you can't give it to yourself. Take a good look inside yourself and find that empty place inside that you are talking about. If you can't fill that yourself then nobody else will either. You might temporarily forget about it, but it will never go away until YOU make it go away by changing your belief system about yourself and life in general.

    Besides. Yes you CAN change your personality. Do you think you were born with that personality of yours? You have unconsciously created your personality over the years. There is nothing stopping you from consciously changing this, if this is your will.

    Here is a few word that might apply to you:

    Love is not what you want, it is what you are. It is very important to not get these two confused.

    If you think that love is what you want, you will go searching for it all over the place. If you think love is what you are, you will go sharing it all over the place. The second approach will cause you to find what the searching will never reveal.

    Yet you cannot give love in order to get it. Doing that is as much as saying you do not now have it. And that statement will, of course, be your reality. No, you must give love because you have it to give. In this will you experience your own possession of it.


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