Why was he blaming me for not keeping contact?

I met this guy in summer and 3 weeks after we met he said he liked me so we started getting involved. Then a month later he said he realized he was in love with me. Then in December we emailed each other for about 3 weeks because we both had phone problems. The week before Christmas I was the last to email and he hadn't replied, so I thought he was just busy with the last week of school and that he'd reply when he had time.

Then on Christmas day I emailed him to say merry Christmas. Then later that day he texted saying he hadn't checked his email because his internet wasn't working and said he had been meaning to call me but time hadn't been on his side. Then he said 'You don't call, you don't text, even when I have not inboxed you you don't even try and make contact. I don't know if we're together or not. For all I know you could have left the country and for all you know I could have got run over. If this is going to work there needs to be commitment from the both of us'. Then I explained that I was contacting him as I emailed him that morning and I bought him a Christmas present, so he apologized. Then a week later when there was a problem between us he brought it up again and said, 'You said you liked me but how can you like someone when you just fall out of contact for days, no text, no call, no nothing. One email is all I received from you.

I'm confused because technically he was the one who fell out of contact with me because he didn't reply. Although he did usually call or text first, I was the one who emailed him first so I was keeping contact. I don't get why he was complaining that I didn't call or text him in that week when he didn't call or text me either, and he thought his reason for not calling was a valid excuse. And because there was a problem between us, he hasn't contacted me in 6 weeks. So why was he accusing me?


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  • He seems like a jerk truthfully. He had internet problems for 6 weeks? what an excuse. If he loved you he wouldn't be blaming you. When me and my ex were not ex's my phone died out for about a month do to issues with the provider. She completely understood with no questions asked. we didn't hang out besides at school for about one month. it was sad but we both got through it and still had feelings after. it is NOT your fault for him having trouble with internet."'You don't call, you don't text, even when I have not inboxed you you don't even try and make contact" What a joke... You should ask him the same thing where was he? He had internet problems? So what it is usually the mans job to keep contact"Not be sexist" If he wanted to talk to you he had the option to use a house phone or a friends phone to call or text you. The reason "Time wasn't on his side" is NO excuse. He could have made time. Right before he went to bed or when he got up in the morning.. It dosnt matter he put no effort forward unlike you who at least emailed him a couple times.

    Why was he blaming me for not keeping contact?

    He is selfish and dosn't care to take the blame. that is thruthfully the best answer I can come up with for this question.

    • Thanks for your answer :) The no contact wasn't because he had internet problems. Something happened between us and he texted me things and I texted him back but he didn't reply and I haven't heard from him since. This happened on 2nd January, I think that's 7 weeks now and I counted it wrong when I said 6 weeks.

    • sorry when I said 'no contact' at the beginning of my comment I meant the 6 week thing :)

    • Oh :) Well either way I'm glad to have helped :)

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