Is it okay that I'm still not over her?

Hey everyone! Long story short, I've been on and off with this girl that I'm madly in love with for the past 8 years (mostly on). She came back to me after breaking up with a boyfriend, and I of course assumed we would be dating again. This time though she friend zoned me for like a year, and I couldn't be just her friend. I basically poured my heart out to her and told her I need to walk away if she doesn't want to date, she said she views me like a brother these days and can't date me, so I walked away.

Its been a year after that happened and I'm still not even close to being over her. I would keep trying to get her back but she has a new boyfriend and I already did all I could do. Is it normal to still not be over her after an entire year?


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  • Some say you take at least half the duration of a relationship to get over it...

    Do you really want to mourn for 3 more years? I guess the answer is no. The reason she choses to date other guys is because she knows you're waiting for her.

    It's like she's testing all these cars because if they stop working, there's this old but really great car waiting for her in the garage. Then of course, she won't use this car until she has tried all the brand new cars in store (she'll call you back when she arrives in her 30's and wants to settle for good).

    You can function without her, you did 8 years ago, you can do it now as well. You're an entire human being, there's not other half. Or if there is one, it isn't her.


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  • It's really normal because you still hold a lot of strong attraction for her.


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