Why do some girls act "annoyed" with a guy when they are obviously having fun?

This girl always does it to me. When I say something funny to make her laugh, she'll just hold back her smile and call me annoying or tell me to go away. Othet times we'll be having a funny conversation and then she starts acting all coy with a slight smile on her face and respond to everything I say to her with "mmm hmmmm". Like if she helps me with something and I say thank you, instead of the usual "you're welcome" she'll just go mmm hmm and when I tell her "hey, you can say something like it was my pleasure" she'll tell me "i don't have to say anything, I can respond however I want" and you can tell she is just enjoying giving me a hard time.

Shr seems to enjoy way too much to see me "suffer" bu giving me a hard time whenever she gets a chance and I know she is playing because if I say something she'll tell me "oh cmon, you know this is how I am with you, its part of the joke". My question is why is she like this? She doesn't act this way with others...


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  • She sounds egotistical. But it could be her way of flirting.

  • It must be because she's attracted to you, and doesn't want to be deemed as an easy to get lady.


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