What's happening exactly? What's he trying to make me feel?

I have had crush on this guy for about 2 years now. Holding eye contacts was the only means we used to communicate back then. He was always on my mind, so, I gathered my courage to talk to him through social media chats. He became more social after meeting me. I saw a drastic change. He added most girls only with my consent. Would make me aware of his new posts, which were mostly related to me. We exchanged numbers too. Late night chatting became a regular routine. He introduced me to his besties too. He admitted that he had fun chatting with me. After about 2 months I confessed through chat (my mistake). He said it would get awkward if I continued with the confession and I stopped. He said that he liked me for sure, as a very good friend. He was very eager to keep the friendship intact and that he would conceal the confession. I am obeying those words. And the late night chats, him calling me with nick names, are continuing. He misses chatting with me even if its only a two day gap. On the other hand, even though we had the staring moments in the past 2 years, he said that it was only for his friends that he didn't transfer.


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  • He just likes you as a close friend.


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