He refuses to say bye

long story short was off and on with a guy long distance and dated him for years. I wanted to to say bye and never talk again as he has 2 many issues I don't want to deal with.

I care about him and wanted to give him good closure but he ignores me when I ask him for my bye on text. He never will do it!

He will go weeks and still not do it and try to get me talking again to him.

Whats wrong with the guy? why can he just say your are right we don't work and wish you the best?

thats what I wanted !


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  • Continually staying in contact just to try and receive a "bye" from him when he clearly wont, is making him win. He wants to stay in contact, and your asking for a pointless word to come out of his mouth.


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  • Hi I think you have made yourself very clear with this guy,you said it was over and you said goodbye, don't wait around waiting for him to respond, as he will see that as a sign that you haven't really let him go,dont wait for him to say goodbye, you have said it, and made the situation very clear, just move on block his txt/calls or whatever, find yourself a guy that ticks all the right boxes for you, and start enjoying your freedom,

    good luck in your future




What Girls Said 2

  • Why do you want him to say goodbye too? You let him know that you don't want to deal with those things now, with his issues, and you say goodbye. If he doesn't answer, tough luck on him. If he answers and says something to win you back, ignore it. Or you'll never be able to say goodbye.

    • Thanks, I need to ignore the things he does to win me back.

  • Why does he have to say "bye", if you've explained things to him then that's all that needs to be done. It is not unusual for the dumpee to need a while to accept things. If you're not willing to talk to him about things anymore, then simply stop responding to him. If you keep responding and wait for a "bye" this will turn into an unnecessary and cruel (for both sides) game.


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