Doesn't call me babe/baby anymore...GUYS ONLY please help!

So for the past couple of days, I noticed that my boyfriend has not called me babe or baby.

So just today I asked him politely why he doesn't. I got in response was "haha just don't, no reason behind it ha ha xD" I told him I liked being called that, and if he doesn't want to call me that anymore then that's OK. He responded with "Aww haha". I don't what's going on though. My boyfriend has told me that if there was anything wrong between us he would say something, may it be him seeing another girl or cheating on that matter or ANYTHING. But nothing. Also he would say good night or I would say goodnight as well. But now he doesn't. What's going on? I don't want to lose him. Any tips for this worry to go away.any tips on getting him to text first.

Just to mention he did have a little fight on wed but we went back to normal.probably starting on Friday he has been acting weird. Is he being more comfortable
Just want to point out that he doesn't like texting. When we both started dating he told he doesn't use it a lot.

Also I asked him if I should buy a plane ticket to visit him like in a few weeks or wait until a month before I visit. All he said was "yeah just wait a few weeks and make sure it's something you defiantly want to do xD"

I honestly don't know what that means. Cause a few weeks ago he was all like "I want you here now" and stuff like that. What is hinting on


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  • >.<

    I'm sorry, I may be getting the wrong impression, but your boyfriend just rubs me the wrong way. Knowing how important it is for a woman to be constantly reminded that she's wanted, I find it a bit harsh that he would just stop. And without reason!

    At least tell me he still says "I love you."


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