Attractive women have thought I had girls going for me all the time...but most women don't even glance?

I've heard that I'm charming and really nice and gentlemanly, but have a devilish side. And really attractive women have said stuff like "a lot of girls must like you". If they're attracted, they think lots of girls like me. But fact is, most women won't even glance at me, and I'm sort of reserved in groups so most girls ignore me. If they don't even glance, even if it's just a friendly glance, it makes me feel invisible and why would I want to talk to a girl who won't even glance? It feels like they just don't want to talk. Since I'm sort of reserved, how can I get better with women? I've seen guys work a room where every girl there is fascinated, but it's not exactly what they say, but how they carry themselves. I'm reserved, but I'm good with words, but most girls seem like they pass me over without a second glance.

Weird thing is I've been approached by guys who say I'm gifted with women, but I don't seem to pick them up often at all. As a reserved guy, how can I improve with women?


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  • By being selective. You want a lady, not just any woman will do. Look for attractive, mature women and initiate a mature and thoughtful conversation. It may be easier to go to social clubs where such women are more likely to be found.


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