These 2 girls know sign language and they are always signaling when I'm in the room, help? (they are not deaf)

Ok, what is the most usual thing 2 girls can talk about in this situation? There's this girl I inda like and one of her friends and they both know sign language and every time I'm with the girl I like and her friend comes over, they start signaling to each other and its always the same movements (I wish I remember what they are). This last time they were doing this and her friend called me over and she did the signals to me and pointed at her, but I'll be damned if I don't know what they are talking about.

the final signal I kinda remember is the right palm facing up and the left hand or could be a specific finger swiping over the hand, also they point at their chest, any idea? They won't tell me what it is haha


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  • I'm trying to teach myself ASL. The only two signs I know which might help you are "boyfriend" and "like."

    Boyfriend is a combination of the signs "boy" and "friend." The sign for "boy" is closing your fingers to form a spear shape at your forehead like this link The sign for "friend" is kinda tapping your index fingers together in front of you like this link

    The sign for "like" is kinda hard to explain over text haha. You put your flat hand on your chest and then pull it away, letting your middle finger and your thumb touch (like they're pulling something out of your chest). It looks like this link And in ASL, you just point to people when you want to refer to them (like pronouns). So, if the girl's friend is signing to the girl "You like him," it'll look like:

    *point to girl*

    *sign for like*

    *point to you*

    Hope this makes sense! lol


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  • If I were you I would go up to them and tell them to stop being disrespectful .to say what they need to say with words cause your getting sick if the childish game!

  • They are flirting:)

  • Aww that's pretty annoying! I don't know sign language but a way to stop it may be to go to the libary and check out a sign language book. Carry it with you so she sees it. That will then make her think you are taking it up and could see what she's saying. That might put a stop to it :)

    I went to the nail salon once with a friend, she speaks Vietnamese. She doesn't look like it though haha. We sat down and she's like that lady is talking crap about that girl that just walked in. So my friend pulls out her phone and calls her grandma who speaks Vietnamese also. They talked for like 3 minutes. I've never heard a nail salon go so quiet hahahaha.

    Once people feel like that edge that they know something you don't is gone, they stop. So try out that book thing and tell her you were inspired to learn thanks to her and her friend!


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  • 1) They might be messing with you (e.g. faking their knowledge of sign because they get a reaction from you)

    2) They might be talking to one another about personal topics (e.g. if one or the other wants to ask you out)

    3) They might be talking about you specifically (E.g. "He has a good heart")..


    I wouldn't make much thought into the issue. If you like one of them, try to pay attention to something they are heart felt about - like if they really like concerts or hiking trips, etc.. Once you have some material to go on, approach them with an idea that is inviting. You might get the opportunity tangent upon their friend being busy - which would help to keep you from being distracted with their sign language. It's likely to me that they are comfortable friends and kind of rely on one-another for support.. I wouldn't recommend or advise you to separate them, just try to make a convenient suggestion that breaks that one you want away from her friend. The worst she can do is decline, in which you can learn sign language from one of them as a tutor and earn an extra skill. You don't necessarily need to take rejection on bad terms - it's how you deal with it that can make you one of the best human beings this world has seen.

    Good luck,

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Thanks for the answer. They are not really CLOSE friends, they just talk to each other and things like that. Her friend is also my friend and we get along and I just think its funny that whenever I'm around they'll start talking to each other like that and when I ask what does it mean, they won't tell me. This girl keeps grinning the whole time they are "talking" (I know they both know sign language, so its not fake). I don't know, I guess I need to pay attention and google the signs ha

    • See #1 ... Even if they aren't faking it - the interaction of you trying to understand what they are doing is suspenseful to them. Is that a type of woman you'd like to date? Someone who seeks thrill of hiding the truth? What if they hid their true emotions at a time of need (an example being something serious before it might lead to a breakup).. If they seek that type of thrill, then they might be seeking a type of adventure that opposes relationships.. Fun vs committment

  • They are signalling interest towards you.

    Just the mere fact that they do sign language when you're around is the best way to see what they really feel.

  • give them the finger


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