Boyfriend losing interest....?

So lately my boyfriend has been acting like he's losing interest a bit. He still calls me every day and texts. But I only see him once every 1-2 weeks which is fine (we're both busy). However he's just not as affectionate anymore. He rarely says I love you unless I say it first, he doesn't really say I'm beautiful or anything lately, and he just is kind of cold when I talk to him. I'm trying to give him space, but I'm just not sure what else to do. Any ideas or tips on how to get him interested again?


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  • He's not losing interest - he's a guy, so he hates repeating himself.

    Most guys are like this - they don't see the point in telling you the same thing every single day.

    Young guys need to learn just how unbeliveably needy girls are, when it comes to this stuff, and young girls need to learn that guys do not do this stuff by instinct, and shouldn't be punished for their ignorance of the female psyche.


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  • what you should do is come out in some sexy under wear and just say him the you and that will put some more energy and he will be begging you to come round again lol

  • How long have yo been dating? Maybe he's just going through some stress..maybe not. You could just ask him in a casual way, be like " Hey, is everything okay at work, you seem a bit different? not necessarily referencing the relationship so it doesn't seem like you're freaking out about the relationship. If its not work, ask him if its something else, but be totally cool about it, supportive, show that you are still that same awesome girl, who generally cares about him, and can tell when he's a bit off. If his feelings have changed for you, this will also be his opportunity to say that, so be prepared if that is the case. Good luck!


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