I have a thing for my personal trainer..?

I have a thing for my new personal trainer.?

Hi All

yes I am sure you have heard it all before. but here's my story.

I joined a gym new years resolution and all the rest and as part of that I had to do an induction, turns out the guy who took me on this was really cool and I was attracted to him. He is not your everyday drop dead gorgeous gym instructor bunny but there was just something about him. So a few weeks went on and I swear he was watching me at the gym (maybe I just have tickets on myself :) Anyway he has his own Personal Training programme through the gym so I contacted him and organised to do this.

We met at the gym last weekend to talk through the programme and things, I was a bit nervous around him but it all went well. Today I had my first session, I loved it! was very hardcore in terms of intensity but I felt very comfortable with him and he helped me when I was struggling. We talked and stuff as it went on and seem to get along really well and have quite a few things to talk about and in common.. (I know trainers are paid to be nice to their clients) he asked me what I was doing in the weekend, more than once. I enjoyed the work out and plan on many more but as an added bonus I enjoyed his company too a little too much.

When I got to my car I looked at my phone and it had been 2 hours! the workout was only meant to be for one, so I felt a little bad I had kept him for two hours- I didn't realize but we must of just ran over time. he gave me a sample of something to try which I did when I got home and I txed him to tell him thanks and that it was great. He replyed back straight away and we texted a couple of more times (just related to gym stuff) then the conversation kind of ended. I will continue my traning and this isn't affected by my feelings but I really feel like there could be something there and he is the type of guy I would love to get to know and spend more time with.

Where do I go from here? I don't think he has a girlfriend- but how do I know? and I am unsure if he would see his clients out of the gym and I don't want to be all full on. I am not in a rush and maybe need to get to know him a little bit better but in my mind also I feel like if he wanted to see me he would ask the question.

Also when I have been at the gym in the week he has always made sure to say hi and I have felt his eyes watching me (still could be me thinking this and him being nice)

Any advice? It is a bit of a prediciment but apparently quite common.. Imagine getting a great body and guy!


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  • Start having some heart-to-heart talks whenever you see him.

    When you feel like it, just casually ask if he has someone in his life since he has too much time to attend to, like gym work outs for example.

    "Imagine getting a great body and guy!". Keep your hopes up.


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  • Most guys and girl trainers flirt with their clients. I have a rule at my gym and that is absolutely no trainers are aloud to date their clients. I have that rule because I don't want clients thinking that they will get free personal training sessions and I don't want my trainers doing things behind my back. Its bad for both the gym, the clients, the members, and the staff. Also if it ends bad it would mean you would have to find a new trainer. Remember too if the trainer is flirting with you chances are you are not the only one. flirting is a easy way to make a sale and its done very often.


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