I don't get this guy..?

This guy is really confident and is kinda popular in my school. So, every time when he likes a girl, he says it out in the open and goes out with them. But, I really like him a lot since 5th grade and I didn't know he likes me.He complimented my hair the other day and I know he likes me because I overheard him talking. If he likes me, why doesn't he say it out in the open? Since, he does it to other girls and he doesn't really act like it; some time he stares at me across the room, so idk. He never made a move.


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What Guys Said 1

  • You must be one of the beautiful girls who some guys can't say words easily.

    Start talking more to him. That's the only way to make him encouraged to say his feelings for you in the open.


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe your one of the girls were he can't just do it. You make him feels o shy therefore he just can't open up. He may think you don't like him and is embrasses that how can you ever date hi,. go up to him and ask


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