Guys, should I tell him how I really feel now? Or no?

me & this guy talked for like 2 months, we stopped because he got back w his ex.. meanwhile , he did care about me because he kept checking up on me to make sure I was OK because he didn't want to hurt me. regardless I did get hurt. this has been since October, recently I started working with him & ever since I've missed him so much and I knew how he was and actually saw myself with him. If I say to him " I hate you, he's gna ask why & I'll say, because .. I really did like you & actually was able to see myself with you but you went POOF" .. I wanna say it in a way like joking but serious because we are friends... but I don't know ? HELP.. I keep thinking about him toooo much !
& yes, I've tried to move on , dated others .. but doesn't work, my heart is stuck on him. & at work he flirts with me so much and bugs me a lot loll


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  • There isn't an easy solution to this. I am in a similar situation (reversed, because I'm a guy), I only see two solutions: 1. truly get over that person, to the point where you go days without even thinking about him/her; or 2. Find a way to make him change his mind and be with you. Option number 2 isn't as ethically sound as option 1, but it's still possible.

    I see two ways to accomplish option 1: a) find somebody better, or b) cut that person out of your life completely. Both are difficult, but those are the only ways that you will be able to stop thinking about him.

    You have my sympathies; I really really know what this is like.


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  • Don't be passive aggressive. He is leading you on. He's keeping you in his stable while he dates his if things don't work out, he can get an easy rebound with you. I don't think that's where you want to be in your life. Tell him that the flirting won't be tolerated, and stick by it. You can be friends with him, but have to have limits.

  • You're better off using that energy to find a new guy who will truly care for you and wouldn't abandon you.

  • Just keep giving him hints but not in very serious manner. he will get message


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