How do you guys deal with your partner who gets angry if you don't get time to call him/her, or talk to them?

This guy is not a very possessive person,a nd tells me almost everyday that he loves me, and that when he doesn't talk to me his heart aches for me.

Now from last 2 days I was so busy that I could talk to him for only 2 mins, and later when I called him he didn't pick and refused to talk to me for no reason. I really got pissed at him and stopped talking as well. He came with his charming self trying to woo me into talking to him.But I was confused. He says that it was my fault, and when I say how? he says I have to feel it, and that he can't tell me. Now I dnt understand what kind of mystery is this. I understand that he missed me.But who ever does behave like that?

I don't knw how to handle this.i'm still mad at him for breaking my heart.But I'm a little scared now. what should I do? and how do you deal with these things?


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  • It must be that he's mad because you have so little time to talk to him.

    To deal with it, find a very long break, and spend it with your partner.


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