What to do if there is obviously feelings for each other but no one says anything?

are you suppose to be a mind reader?

just don't understand what is stopping us from moving forward... he doesn't come out and say it and neither do i.

any advice, its frustrating


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  • I sort of have the same problem, have been dealing with it for a few years. Yes its really frustrating. I don't have the guts to make the first move, and probably never will. Ultimately someone will have to make the first move because if neither of you do not, nothing will eventuate and the opportunity might pass you by. If you have the guts to tell him then by all means do it.


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  • Nope not supposed to be a mind reader just come right out and say it.

    • but its scary... lol how does one get over that fear. I'm scared that it will wreak what we have already.

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    • something for you to think about... we only see life the way we want to see it. change your thoughts change your world.

      Look at it this way as well, people who are messed up are just trying to find out who they are, sometimes we don't like that but that's they way they deal with things. don't take it personal. Another girl, no many girls will come into your life, think it as weeding out the bad ones to find the good. :)

    • I have seen the truth though that's just how some people are my views have changed. Thank you though for the advice.

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  • No , But one of you have to have the courage to say something .

    • courage right, okay well I'm getting up my nerve. tired of the games really .

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    • Oh ok

    • thanks though for asking me that question, made me see that he does like me.

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