Why doesn't my boyfriend want to see me every chance he gets?

my boyfriend used to be on the job seekers, always had been since we first met two years ago, every chance I got to have the money to go and see him (we live a little way from each other, which works for us as we are planning on moving in together eventually) my boyfriends the oppersite and seems like he wants to spend money on himself and I feel like he's comfortable having me come to him all the time. He's just started a new job, so he has money there's no excuse, he told me he'd try come up this weekend but he's working, instead he has tomorrow and Thursday off? I'm sat here thinking why doesn't he come and see me then? I don't understand why he doesn't use his head and think oh ill go see my girlfriend. He's all great when it comes to calls and texts, misses me, loves me etc, but when it comes to seeing me its like he's oblivious unless I'm going to see him?


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  • "Why doesn't my boyfriend want to see me every chance he gets?"

    Because he's not a parasite, who needs you to live.

    He has a life of his own. And so should you.


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  • HE"S NOT THAT INTO YOU! sadly. you don't get that. your doing all the work.


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