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We known each other for three years now, we dated in the beginning and broke up but never stoped talking. He always mentioned seeing me or hanging out again and has always flirted with me. We finally hang out 2years later and we talked a lot about everything, his recent trip to Hawaii his job his plans to switch jobs and why, also about my job, my school, me being a new mom and my bad relationship with my husband. He did not try even once to make a move on me the entire time, just hung out and talked a lot. So now I'm wondering why does he still want to see me? Did he behave and respect me because he knows I'm in a relationship or because his not at all attracted to me? I'm glad he didn't come onto me, but now I feel like maybe I'm ugly and that's why he didn't try to get close to me.


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  • He just didn't want to get into a sticky situation, with a husband and a child involved; also, he did have respect for you as a mother, no doubt.

    But mostly, he just wasn't interested in a possiblly explosive situation. He knows you aren't so happy, and probably decided to wait to make any move until you were out of the marriage.

    This is a patient guy--he's already waited two years just to talk to you

    • Thanks, it makes sense. I would like to ask you another question. Okay, well we hung out on Wed and we just talked for a long time. And I had my phone disconnected Thurs and Fri, so I'm not sure if he text me. Today is Sat and I have my phone back on, so I text him saying, "Hey" and he didn't reply so I text him again asking him if he was working, and again no reply. An hour later I text him again, "hey sorry if you text me these past couple of days and I didn't reply. My phone was off" no reply

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    • Thanks and good luck!

    • THANKS! :)

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  • You should not feel it.You've done nothing wrong.this is his mistake.Women are not ugly.And you not ugly,But again, think about the relationship and be careful :)

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