Why would he say he likes me then stop talking to me?

Do guys get embarrassed after they tell a girl they like them?! He said and I quote "I want you so bad it hurts." And he hasn't said anything to me since that day. I'm beyond confused lol I would say something to him but I don't wanna nag.
In text messages it went like this: Well I asked if he was OK then he said he's been feeling sick. I said what's wrong

I walked away from the phone. He apparently called and I missed it. The voice mail said I had fun talking to you. You made my days better. Thanks. and when I finally got the message like an hour later I tried to call back and it said the phone is no longer in service. I hate guys. I really do.


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  • A negative response to that will prompt some guys to pack it up and move out of town. How did you respond to him saying that?

    • I said "oh honey:) lol" and then he said "I'm sorry. I just had to tell you" and I was like "no it's alright. I like you too." And now he's gone.

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    • If he gave up on being with you so easily, then he isn't worthy of being with you. From your most, I interpret you to be a very attractive girl, so I think you will be just fine. Don't let guys like that worry you.

    • Thanks shug:)

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