My Ex-boyfriend has already gotten a new girlfriend!

My ex-boyfriend broke up with me a week ago, telling me that he needs time to be with this new girl he started to like. I am pregnant and hurt because I been with him 4years and they knew each other a year ago but when they saw each other and she saw me, she stop seeing him for alone time and I knew that already and I was living with him all that years. But I am the stupid one that always had a argument with him always leave at his house but I always just to be there for him and did a lot of things that girl doesn't do to him. he told me I'm very different to her that to give him time that he doesn't know what's going to happend, to give him one more week so he could decide witch one he's going to stay.

I want him back to me, if not I stay single and think about myself and my baby girl I'm about to have...he told me to give him a week and always calling me in the morning on his way to work, telling me that he steel have feeling for me but I be asking myself why is he with her if he have feeling for me. but the answer comes to me that all the bad things I done to him I hurt him by going out and meeting new friends but then I change. I always was home for him and take care of him...

I'm just so confuse

he told me that I'm his girl for life that just want see what's going to happend between them, if it doesn't work he will come back to me..

i just want to know if I should give him time and not contacting him or pick up his phone calls.


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  • He is the father of your child, if he chooses not to be with you there isn't much you can do. Speak to him about how your pregnancy is progressing and that is all.

    It seems has if he isn't mentality mature enough to be a dad yet, and is looking for a way out. He seems confused has to exactly what he wants to do,

    He needs to realize life doesn't wait for him to make decisions or get ready, he has to be now because this baby is coming.

    If he isn't there for you at least make sure he is there for his child .

    So at this point although you may not like his actions, ignoring his calls may not be the best thing to do because you need him in your child's life.

    Hopefully his mind will change and he will be back with you, but don't hope for it. (

    Even if you two over come this, how can you trust that he will be committed to you?)

    You both have a lot to work out.

    You deserve better not someone stringing you along.


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  • your pregnant, an uncertain about a future with him. life maybe a little hard but stay strong an choose your own path to follow.


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  • This may sound harsh but you and your child will have a hard life.

    You are young and disadvantaged and the child currently has no father in the picture. "Men" like that promise a lot, real men wouldn't even pull this behavior in the first place. Four years is a really long time to be invested for him to just abandon it - I know it is painful but it isn't just about you anymore. I would take the heartache and worry and turn attention to your future full time job as a good mother.

    I think your priorities are in the wrong order. No miracle or super Santa Claus will magically save you from this situation. Nor prep your kids for a stable life when the odds are against young single moms. You have to work extra hard to be the breadwinner and a good caretaker just so the little one can catch up to children who just happen to be born better off.

    If you were earlier I would say to give the child up. Think if the kid would think and choose, he/she wouldn't want to be born. The world is already so big and economy is troubled, why would you add one more body count to that miserable statistic?

    I say put him on the back burner, if he comes around he comes around. If he doesn't - you will have that kid to remind you of him (his actions/his genotype/his phenotype) for the rest of your life.

  • He's not a good boyfriend; if he really meant you were his girl "for life" he wouldn't be pursuing this other girl after all your history AND you being pregnant with his child. The nerve! And he says you "hurt" him by going out and making new friends (meanwhile he develops a more-than-friends thing for this girl!). Awful, controlling and hurtful.

    You're better off not having him in your life. How far along are you in the pregnancy?


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