This girl is quiet and serious towards me (most of the time) and yet she likes to tease me a lot, why?

Its kind of odd. When I try to talk to her she is all serious and acts like nothing I say is ever funny. There are times when I will say something and she either tries to hide the fact that she is smiling or will smile really wide, but she will always follow up sith something like "im laughing at you not with you" or some comeback like that/

Also, she likes to tease me a lot. If I'm talking to her or even other people, she will constantly make fun of me. Like if I say, jokingly, that some people think I'm a very nice person she will say "well, that's because they don't know you very well" or she will go around calling me "princess" or " hipster" and a bunch of jokey names and she doesn't do this to anybody else, ever.

She is a nice girl but I wonder why she acts like this? Any idea?


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  • She most likely like you. Whenever you notice a girls behavior is different around you than it is other guys that's a great indicator that she's interested in you. Also teasing you a lot is a perfect sign she likes you. Saying something like " well that's because they don't know you very well" I am almost positive was meant as a joking matter not to be insulting. It was a way to joke with. As for the not smiling or laughing at your jokes. Girls tend to over analyze our behavior around a guy we like so we don't come off as not interested or as desperate and clingy or even show interest until we're ready but we also shoot ourselves in the foot because we tend to come across as not interested when were just trying to not look clingy or desperate so my guess is since you've seen her hide a smile it could be something like that. In my opinion though she's seems interested.


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  • She probably is bitchy or doesn't like you. And if you're between 25-29 for real. And she is too then she's crazy.

  • She sounds like a jerk but I guess that's her awkward way of flirting with you.


What Guys Said 2

  • It must be because she's attracted to you.

    Some people act differently when they're with people who interest them.

  • She wants in your pants


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