Good signs? Or overanalyzing?

I haven't dated someone/had a new crush in a year. I started working at this new job a little bit ago. Mostly everyone is older than me like 30s or above. A handful are around my age. I can't tell how old this one guy is. He said "See ya kid" to me once before we even talked so I assumed older. The reason I care is because there are a bunch of married guys I work with. I don't want this to be the case.

So this guy approached me, which he never has before, even when I made an effort to smile at him tons of times on previous days. Later that night, for the first time we were put together to work so he talked to me. He didn't come off as shy at all and as soon as I opened up addressing him for the first time, he started talking to me more than he was.

He turned out to be cool. He was joking around with me and teasing me. He joked around about my age but then basically found how old I was and shutup. it made me kinda wonder if he wanted to know my age too.

As soon as we talked, I was immediately interested because of his awkward personality. The problem is I usually don't work with him so I have no idea when we will again, if that. SO can I push this along? I feel like he was seriously flirting with me but then again, it could be wishful thinking turning a friendly situation into something more.


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  • They are goods signs but its not enough to prove anything yet. Did he have a lot of eye contact with you? Was he nervous around you? If you guys were making eye contact was it longer than normal? Did he smile a lot? If he likes you he will try to find a way to see you again. If you constantly see him somewhere, chances are he is interested. Hope this helped.

    • We work at a venue so it's loud inside where we were. Every time we talked one of us leaned in. I saw him looking at me a couple times and as soon as some guy came up to me to sorta bother me, he immediately took care of him. I just thought it was good he found many ways to try to talk to me. He seemed interested in everything I had to say.

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  • did you find out if he was single?


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  • It does sound like he was sizing you up a bit (in a friendly way) about your age. Its really hard to say because he only spoke to you because you two were working together. I would play it safe, for example when you see him speak to him. Make yourself look more open and approachable. A joke would ease the situation because he will know you want to talk to him without coming across too anxious.

    Good Luck :)


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