Was this a stupid thing to do?

My sister and I are debating if this was a wrong or like she puts it a stupid decision on her part to do. Its my sisters one year anniversary with her current job, she loves this place. So the other day she text her former boss saying thank you for giving me the opportunity. To being apart of this company. He never responded. His assistant that she also send a thank you text, responded back. Her former boss had hit the roof when wanted to move to a location 2 miles from her home. Before Ishr was going 35 miles each way to and from work, now its only 3 miles each away. He was extremely angry, he tried to have his Director block her from relocating to the new loaction. Her new boss loves and adores her. Her former mngr literally hated her no matter what.

So was she wrong to say thank you for the employment opportunity Why does he treat her like this. Can I get some feedback, this is killing me, she feels very embarassed that she did something that I should not have done.


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  • You got to learn to distinguish between corporate culture and social norms. Nothing wrong to thank your boss as long as you are prepared to be axed without notice or severance. Its all about business. He hired her because there was something in it for him. And he will get rid of your sister in dime if she is no longer useful to him.


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  • wait if you've been working at this new place for a year why did you send a thank you text to your old boss? was it sarcastic?

    • We were just raised that way to always say thank you. He gave her an opportunity in a field that she was very new too and it was her way of being grateful to him.

    • oh well then no it's not wrong. nothing wrong with showing gratitude. and don't be embarrassed I mean if he's your old boss and hated you so much then you're never really going to need to talk to him again

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