I just stop talking to this girl?

OK, so this girl is kind of confusing. We talk a lot most of the time but sometimes she is a bit of a bitch. Any attempts to talk to her or joke is met with rolling of the eyes, telling me to go away and just act annoyed at everything I say.

The thing is she calls me names and makes fun of me a lot, even when she is in her "moods" and she only gets in those moods with me, nobody else. If she makes jokey comments and I don't respond, she gets mad at me and if I respond, anything I say she finds annoying. SHe talks so easily with everybody else and never gets mad or annoyed at them but at me, all the time.

Should I just stop talking to her? SHe'll get upset (it has happened before) but some people tell me that she does it because she doesn't know how else she can get my attention and she likes it, what should I do?


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  • Talk to her about it, don't just stop speaking to her because that's not fair to her (even if she does sound like a bit of a bitch). Then if she says something smartarsey, tell her how you feel about it. The only way she's going to know it pisses you off is it you tell her and see if you can work it out that way.


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  • Maybe she likes you and wants your full attention and doesn't know how to show it

  • how long has this been going on?

    • Months. Its not always bad and I'm trying to be nicer to her and not lose my temper so easily because she has given me a lot of good advice on different thing that's why I don't respond or say anything jerky to her. SOmetimes everything will be fine and she just acts bitchy for no reason, sometimes I do favors for her and she gets all bossy and won't even thank me politely. SHe knows how I get when I get mad and she gets very upset when I get mad at her and stop talking to her, so I don't know...

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