Feeling down I need opinions

i graduated from h.s. in 2011 since then I had a good job for about a year but was recently let go now I'm not doing anything just looking for a new job.

i feel sad because all the people I went to school with and people on my social network sites post about how they were excepted to all these colleges and I never even applied to college.

i am really smart I just did bad in school and didn't show up a lot because I have an anxiety disorder, suffer from depression etc. I found that out during my senior year. school was stressful for me but I still wish I could experience going to college like everyone else.

comments, opinions, advice, etc please


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  • same story here except I graduated in 2010.. no wait I was supposed to graduate that year but I had to make up classes I failed so I graduated in 2011... anyways, I have anxiety too... I usually obsess over the way I look... if I look good then I could get a job/go to school and be confident... but I am never happy with myself or how I look. I think I'd like a job where I don't have to do customer service... If I could just work in a factory in a assembly line or something and not talk to other people that would be great! also money is not a huge issue because I don't mind living with my parents.. it wasn't always that way though, we used to hate each other but over the years I have really worked hard to gain their trust and I help them out... sometimes I feel like an old lady... all I do is cook and clean... I go on Facebook too and see people going to parties and on vacations.. it makes me feel really sad like I'm wasting my youth... anyways I don't have advice... just try everyday to be happy and have faith things will get better.


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  • You make yourself, and other people don't make you. Be positive. Focus on your own achievements and try to not look at the achievements of your friends. They could be going through the same things you are going through. Think about it: if you were them, you wouldn't report the bad news, only the good news. If you were going through hard times, then would you put that down on social networking sites? Would you feel like the odd-one-out if you were the only one who had information that didn't include success? That fear could be what is giving you anxiety.

    it isn't too late to apply for college. Maybe you are depressed about that one wrong decision that you made, which was not applying for college, and the constant reminders of your friends' success is making you feel down. The first step to feeling better is to accept it. Confide in close friends and family who can support you and understand your predicament. It is possible that if you keep it hidden, though won't know about your stress. If you communicate with them, then they might be able to help you. Good Luck. Hope you feel better.

    • You will feel more happy if you are content with what you already have, instead of what you don't have. Appreciate life, and life will appreciate you.

  • Apply for college.

    College is a lot,lot more easier than high school. And, there you will discover more things about people, and you can gain new friends which will help you overcome your disorder, depression, etc.

  • you can still go to college. just go to community college for a while, get good grades and universities will accept your transcript from community college rather than your high school grades.

    I did this very thing since my grades in high school sucked. after getting a bachelors at a 4 year university I was able to get a real job that paid well and I have no financial complaints.

    You're still very young and it's not too late for you to do the same.


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