Married colleague invited me to his new pad

I hv known this outrageously flirtatious colleague for a few years before he was married. he had never gone beyond flirting verbally the years we hv known each other.

recently he was telling me he bought a new place and would like to invite me over. I treated it as a joke, since it was close to 12 midnight and we were always joking around.

the next day he asked me again and I brushed it off, until he told me he really wanted my opinion on his new place. And he swing by to pick me up.

I was quite shocked. Should I brushed it off and be back to friends or was I being too paranoid?


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  • He must be really happy to have a new place, and it must be that he genuinely wants you to see it.

    • I hope so too! but we do not go out alone outside of work that was why I was puzzled. I hope we stay as friends

    • Well, you are. After all, he's married.

    • thank you. I hope he can remain a friend

  • Would his wife be there when he wanted you to see it?

    • I doubt. it was still under renovation. and he didn't mention about his wife.

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    • NP. And he could be completely innocent. I don't know him/you/or your relationship or his relationship with his wife. But going over there alone gives the opportunity and the appearance of something to go in a bad way...and I don't think you want that drama.

    • yes you are right. I wouldn't want to be a home wrecker and I agreed that there are certain boundaries one shpuld look out for

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