What amount of tip at a bar is best to give if you like the barkeep?

Met a girl and talked for a bit, turned out she's a bartender at a bar nearby that I Haven't gone to in ages but I left it that I'd stop by one of the nights she's working which she seemed amenable to - what's an appropriate tip to leave to neither look desperate nor cheap? I usually leave a buck or so per drink, unless they're real attentive to me then they get a few extra, or unless they do buybacks or leave the bar open for me/my group, the latter of which is uncommon but then 20's happen...

Part of me says to do the same as above, but part of me says to pay more than I otherwise would to show I care for her wellbeing, and the smaller evil part of me says tip poorly just to elicit a response.
Sorry, I should be clear that the "like" in my question means "attracted". Would you give more, same, or less tip if you're attracted to the bartender and think she might like you back?


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  • Usually the barkeeps give me one of my beers free and as a tip I leave the price of the beer they gave me.


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  • Same tip. I give 2$ for each drink


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