Guy got upset at me.. it took me by surprise

This guy I have been talking to got upset ... a little info we have been talking to each other almost everyday through Skype and cellphone. We also see each other. Yesterday we left our Skype on and went to sleep. In the morning he texted me saying sorry and all the drama that I was upset with him. I asked him why and he said because my Skype is off and I didn't inform him. I was shocked and explained to him I didn't notice it. Then he started saying sorry if he was disturbing me, sorry for everything, it will never happen again. Then I went back on Skype and we chatted through there. I was pissed and shocked that I told him to stop acting that way. When I started saying sorry to him and I didn't really notice. He said that he just acted that way because I didn't go back online and called him. I mean what's the deal? Why would he do that? Seriously it really scared me. Any comments


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  • He's not the guy for you. He's making a huge deal out of little things like being away on Skype.

    You're better off with another guy who will understand you really well.


What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds like he is a. Little insecure and what's to be incontrol a little bit


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