Is adrenaline effective when say you are suffocating?

I know Adrenaline reduces pain when you are say being cut, shot etc, but is it also as effective when you feel the pain of suffocating ? is it less effective or just as effective? does stress also help reduce pain in such situation?


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  • adrenaline will give you that extra strength when you are, for example, trying to break free from the person suffocating you or push off whatever is suffocating you, but I believe it is endorphin, or possibly the chemical in your brain, dmt, that makes you feel peaceful when you are about to die/are in serious pain..

    • endorphins*

    • I mean yea it enhances your senses, but adrenaline also like when you cut yourself it, it greatly works to reduce pain, I have experienced it, but does the same thing happen when suffocating.

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  • To my understanding adrenaline opens up airways when suffocating, but I could be wrong.


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