Do you loose interest in someone once they say that they have feelings for you?

I feel like it ends the thrill of the hunt in some cases. So what do you think?

Also, have you ever had the opposite happen? Like someone tells you that they have feelings for you and then you end up loosing interest.


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  • I've had a few guys in my life with whom I felt they lost interest once I made it known I liked them back. The last one was my most recent ex. He pursued me for a couple of months; and he did so very intensely. At first, I wasn't sure if I liked him or if I even wanted to like someone (had some relatively sh*tty experience with a guy a few months earlier). But my ex was very persistent. He did everything you can imagine to get my attention, and to get me to like him. Basically, he said all the things he knew I wanted to hear. Eventually I gave in and agreed to go on a date. It usually takes me a while until I like someone a lot, or rather, until I feel comfortable about showing it. Well, after two months of dating he stopped sending me text messages, and only sent emails. But even those not as frequently as he used to. He was tired a lot of the time, whereas he used to stay up when I was still in my "I don't know if I like you" phase.

    There have been a few other guys who pulled a similar thing. That's why I'm quite happy being single. I don't really want to feel like I wasted my time on some guy again who only likes me until I like him back.

    • Sounds to me like he really, really like you. And you didn't like him back - and he realized that eventually and started to accept that which is why he, at long last, stopped contact

    • No, that's not how he was. I actually liked him more than he liked me in the end. But that was when the challenge for him was over so my feelings didn't matter much to him.

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  • i think that's a girl thing. also its "lose". "loose" is the opposite of tight

  • No, only women do that, and its bullsh*t.

    This is why men play games and we can't be genuine and honest or upfront about things.

    And then we resent women for having to do that because we would rather not do this and "be ourselves"

    But be ourselves means being genuine and telling a woman that you like her.

    But that works about as often as shooting yourself in the face with a shotgun and hoping you don't die.


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  • no, I will be very happy instead that we have mutual feelings


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