He found me again after 7 years ??

Ok well I really need some advice . There is this person that keeps coming into my life out of no where and I don't know what to think of it .. here is how it all started

About seven years ago I met this guy in the club , I had never seen him in there before and I was attracted to him we noticed each other right from the start but he didn't come give me his number till he was about to leave . He put his number in my phone and stupid me I didn't hit save ! and by the time I realized that I hadn't saved the number he was gone . all I new about him was his nick name he went by and that was it . no real name or nothing :( so after that about 3 weeks went by and I came across a profile on MySpace that I thought might be him but I wasn't sure . come to find out it was him ! he called me and we met up a few nights later . we never had sex or anything but was just getting to know each other then he ended up going to jail right after the 2nd time I talk to him . ( he went in for something not major at all but he had a girlfriend at the time also so I didn't try to talk to him after that ) well seven years went by and I had not seen or talk to him AT ALL . I even got married to someone about a year ago . well a few nights ago I got this message on Facebook that said :

Hello I'm not sure I have the right person or not but I been looking for my

friend for the past 3 years and I am not sure of her last name or anything

but your pic looks like her. I met her at a club and we hung out a few times

please if this is her then hit me up .

When I got this message I didn't even recon. that it was him at first his pic look a lot diff we both had changed a lot . but I was shocked he found me . I gave him my number and we been talking a lot the last few days and it feels like we have been friends for ever . he is so easy to talk to . I did tell him I was very happy married now and he said he has a girl friend now to that he has been with the past two years . he wants me to meet up with him so we can see each other I would love to see him again but now that I'm married I feel like maybe I shouldn't do it . I am not trying to cheat and I don't want to do that at all but that's how things like that happen . I know this guy is still attracted to me and I am him to but I want us to be friends but I think he is wanting more .. I think he wants to have sex with me and I'm not wanting that . here is where I need the advice should I go see him or not ? I mean if all he wants is sex then I'm not going at all I am not going to risk my marrage for some sex but then again I keep telling myself that maybe its more then that maybe we could be really good friends I mean why would he have looked for me all this time if it was just for sex? we have never done anything before so I don't no why he would have kept me in his mind all this time if that's just what he wants .


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  • It seems that he just want to meet you and connect really well to establish friendship.

    If you feel that he's giving out some sexual signs, you should start backing off, and don't do anything foolish even if you start being attracted to him.

    If you're really uncomfortable with the idea, then you shouldn't go.


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  • Stay away. Things tend to happen even though we don't intentionally put them into motion. You're asking for trouble. I can smell the sexual tension from here.

  • There is no purpose for you to meet, you're both taken, you have your own lives to live.. risking to destroy them is not something you should even consider

    Oh yeah. And you do know you couldn't be ''friends'', don't be kidding yourself


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