My long distance boyfriend of almost 2 years broke up with me 2 months ago

So I had this long distance boyfriend for 2 months shy of 2 years. We had never met but we talked all the time, he had never seen me but I had seen pictures of him. We were really happy even though he lived in cali and I in Missouri. Well his family moved to Kansas on January 4 of this year and we were really excited because he now lived 2 hours away. Everything was fine but then suddenly on January20th within a few hours he went from loving me to dumping me. The night before we were making plans to meet. He said he just "didn't feel it anymore". I later found out the three main reasons he dumped me were he didn't feel it anymore, distance, and loss of interest. he's still really possesive of me and wants to meet me. He got a new girlfriend only two weeks after we broke up. He says I'm his best friend but he is obsessed with his new girlfriend. He spends every possible second with her. here's the thing though usually he's pissed at her or upset for something she did or the other way around, and he complains to me about it. He told my friend he sometimes regrets dumping me. I've tried to forget about him but I still really like him. He also told my friend that he's worried when he meets me that he will regret it and want me back. He says he loves her and has been saying that even when they had only dated a couple weeks. He hates some guys in my town who wld always text him with my phone and mess with us, I now stay 100% away from those people. I really miss him and want him back. he's my best friend and we really were happy. How can I get him back? no mean answers please and only guys


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  • If you can get the time, simply invite him and meet up with him. That's the only way to reignite the lost feelings, and up the chances of getting him back.

    • He says he really wants to meet me and hang out a lot and go to my prom with me but he wants his best friend who's a guy there when we meet, why would he want him there

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  • we are in the same situation :( my boyfriend of 1year and 2 months broke up with me.

    • Was it long distance?

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    • Can you message me so we can talk longer than this because comment has a limit

    • Did you receive my message?

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