I'm socially awkward.... which sux! WTF, When did this happen?!

Who knew spending years inside, studying hard and working to a successful career could turn someone into a guy with no friends, social connections and now feel outta place in the world.

I don't know how to flirt with girls anymore or joke around with guys...

I did just recently try talking to girls again, didn't go so we. They just got quiet and had that look of well that conversation didn't go anywhere, or they look at me like I'm weird Because I don't know what to say or how to tease girls.

Which is weird Because I was funny funny and quick witted. I use to be. Not anymore.

Guys just tell me to calm down, I'm not even angry or stressing my voice.

Ex: Someone rips a page out of a puzzle book. Half the page is missing.

Guy says: "hey it helps if you tear out the whole page."

I say: "Wasn't me." don't stress it or anything I just state it.

Guy: "Calm down man, I was just f***ing with you."

I'm f***ing lost, I don't know why he though I was freaking out about something I didn't care about.

Reverse: I didn't answer him the next time Because I really didn't care, He'd say the exact same thing. That kinda pissed me off.

So I don't know what I'm doing anymore outside of a text book or school.

Weirdest f***ing part, Everyone like me. more people know me then I know them. they joke with me and invite me out but when I get there it's like... oh yeah your awkward...

Long story short, I'm at ground zero with social skills.

I know what everyone is gonna say, Start over again.. Go hang out with them. Talking with girls again hanging with guys again.

Problem is I have zero interests, I've been so focused on succeeding.

Sports... don't follow... movies... don't watch...

My day consists of working out, studying, eating and sleeping.

I dug a pretty deep hole.

Where do I even begin?


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  • Yea. This happens to all of us. When we haven't been social in a while, it feels weird getting back into it. My only advice is to keep practicing. Practice with everyone everywhere. Make small talk with strangers. Just be positive and confident. It can only get better. Just relax, don't take it too seriously or try too hard. It'll come back to you eventually.

  • Yeah.. secluding yourself from people does make you lose social skills. I suggest you do your routine socially since you have no interest in just hanging out and talking. For example, work out at the gym with other people and talk to them while you're at it, studying at a library with some friends who want to study, and eating out with your friends.. Oh and pay careful attention to your tone of voice; maybe it sounds angry to other people.


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