She treats me like I am her boyfriend, she calls me all the time, makes plans

So, I've been seeing this girl for roughly a year and a half. We dated for about 10 months broke up, went no contact for a 3 weeks, and then started talking. This was about 6 months ago. Since then we've consistently talked multiple times per day, gone out on dates, had sex, and so forth. Well, recently (as in this weekend), I've felt this strong urge to finally make it official again. So, this weekend I went away with a group of friends to make art and be creative. Figured, if I still felt strong upon coming home today I would ask her. So, I did. She's like I don't know I have so much going on in my life between deciding what to do about school (she hates what she is studying), etc. She's like I love you and care for you so much but I don't know if it's that OMG I want to marry him feeling or not. I told her I don't want to get married for at least 5 years as I am graduating and want to become stable in my new career. I just don't want to have stable ground and a mutual understanding. I am very big on being monogamous and so forth. She's like I promise you I am not with anyone else I just don't know if I want to be in a relationship. I've been through a lot with this girl. It's just it's not making me fed up dealing with this. I love her to death. She's the only girl in all my years of dating that I could honestly see myself marrying. She tells me all the time how great of a guy I am, how I am going to be an amazing husband and father. She treats me like I am her boyfriend, she calls me all the time, makes plans, etc. I don't do any leg work because I don't want to come off as being pushy about us being together. I just don't know what to do anymore. Thanks for any advice!


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  • Simply spend more time with her. Continue being her "boyfriend".

    That way, she'll slowly think over things through, and will finally consider having a relationship with you. You're really a great guy for her. It's just there are a lot of things going on in her life.

    • It's been about 10 months of dating and since we broke up its been 7 months... I don't honestly know how much time she needs. I'm not getting younger. I love her to death I just want to have something with meaning. As I am very old school to me that title is a commitment of sorts. It's part of the progression to just fooling around to being serious. I'm done with fooling around and she tells me she is too. I just don't get her hang up. After tonight I'm backing off until her mind is set, NC's on

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