This girl keeps smiling every time I talked to her, is that a good sign?

According to her, she finds me irritating and yet she says hello to me first, initiates conversations and jokes with me.

I noticed that when we first see each other and I don't say anything to her, she'll start talking to me and making little comments to get my attention and when she does, she has this smile on her face the whole time, she tries to look down or away but the smile is there.

I just don't know what to make of it, If she can't stand me why even start conversation and keep smiling when I do talk to her? Is she just doing a bad job at faking it or what?


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  • " I don't say anything to her, she'll start talking to me"

    Dude, that's a HUGE sign that she likes you and that she's comfortable around you. Clearly you've known her for quite some time and you've always had to initiate conversations before, right?


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  • No I think she reall does like you! This is kind of happening with me at the moment, there's this gu and we smile at each others when ever we see each other. Anyway, obviously she likes you, so make sure you don't stop smiling and talking to her, because that will upset her and maybe she might think you've moved on so so will she! Hope this helps (:


What Guys Said 1

  • It seems that she really likes you a lot.

    There's no way she can fake it.


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