Why would a women be jealous of another women?

friend jealous of me why I don't know. My education/money is no where near hers and she is ex-Military has a career, drives a nice car has nice name brand cloths and purses, jewlery can get into places free or discount because she is ex-military. Know I m not jealsou I'm glad she have these privilage maybe she can help me gets some of these things, but she is jealous of me My only guess is that I attract men quicker than her just being myself, not showing my body or anything like that. She is a good person but a little wild with guys. I don't have all what she has I am more settled old fashion and what's unique about me is my kindness, patience and I have serveral gifts ( Things that I do well). Example, do my own hair, nails, makeup. Can Sew, draw, sing, play instruments calm people down when they are upset, work on minor repairs house and car, some other things.


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  • Both man or woman, will be jealous of other people's happiness in general. It's how it is. We constantly hear horror stories of what happens to a lot of celebrities out there and this would be no different. All the money, college papers, cars, etc are all things that look great on the outside, but have a hollow inside.

    She could have bad luck with guys for a number of reasons. She could be going on dates seeming stuck up, or she could be "too successful" and intimidating guys. She could also come off superficial(you mentioned brand name clothing, jewelery, and a nice car). Guys can spot materialism and be turned off by it.

    These are just a few things to consider.


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