Are most guys this sensitive? any guys here

I'm a female in my 20s I just messed up my application :(

*don't think he likes me. Only put this here for more answers. He's a nice guy and means well, very cautious towards people but will open up depending on the person. Is he acting out 'cause he's "hurt?" There is this a guy I am fond of at work. He has chivalry, is polite towards me, and can be protective. Whenever I walk past his dept (which isn't often) he usually initiates a convo. However, I am moody so sometimes I keep to myself..however, later on I noticed his greeting towards sound VERY depressing and he looks extremely unhappy. Fast forward a few weeks later Every now and then he'll talk to me but that's if he's eavesdropping or if I say something here and there (and he doesn't seem sad). A few weeks pass by and as we were talking I asked him if he noticed anything and he wondered why I never say hi to him. Also he used to greet me much more cheerfully and was much nicer.

Now, when I do say hi very cheerfully (which is often than when I don't) he's still cold in his greeting. So why is he so sensitive? by the way, I never got the vibe he liked me just romantically. HE NEVER goes out of his way to talk to me unless if I walk pass his dept.


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  • If he is really shy, it might have hurt him. Being shy basically means that you have low self esteem. It may have taken him a lot of courage to even say hi to you. The fact you seemed to not even notice he existed, probably would hurt his already fragile self esteem.

    When someone is really shy it can become a vicious cycle. You can't work up the confidence to talk to people to get them to notice you, and the fact nobody notices you, causes you to lose confidence.

    If he is not the shy type, then he may just have other stuff going on, in his life.

    • No, not shy. Just cautious like me. Probably afraid to get hurt? cynical?

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