Is it illegal to post deposition videos online?

I've recently been deposed, and I've discovered that the entire video of my deposition was posted on YouTube. I've sent YouTube a request to remove the video, because I never consented to the video being posted on the internet. My lawyer and YouTube responded by saying that the video of the deposition is public record, so anyone can go ahead and view it.

I don't think that's right. I say a lot of private things during the deposition, and I don't want the whole world to have access to that information.


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  • It's our court system, my friend. Unless you're a minor or there is some other situation in which the law interferes with public records, then it's there for the public to see. Sure you might have said some personal things but those personal things involve the trial and the reasoning behind public records is that a trial is given to a member of society that threatens the safety and security of society at large, therefore we have that right to see it.

    Whether it's in a deposition or during the trial in cross examinations, the personal details are part of the case and need to be disclosed. As for why the video was posted on Youtube, that's a strange medium to post it on. Was there a reasoning for it being posted on there, rather than being kept in some other format for the court system to use as necessary?

    • They attorney who took the deposition just posted all the depositions he took of every single witness on the case on YouTube. I don't know why. I guess he wants to use them during trial, but he doesn't need to post them on YouTube to do that. He can just play them from his laptop or burn them onto a CD.

    • Well as the answerer above me said, they ARE public record. I don't think it matters much where they are posted, since they can be seen anyway. Perhaps Youtube is the easiest tool for courts to use to show/use these videos.

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  • I agree with you. They really don't have the right.

    Sometimes in deposition videos, a party may be required to disclose some very personal and secret information about their lives: they've been raped or molseted by a parent, imprisoned for some old, old crime, are undergoing psychiatric counseling, etc, I don't think this should be allowed to simply post such private things to YouTube either for the fun of it or out of spite.

  • Depositions are open to the public - anyone can enter the court house and watch them.

    Open to the public -> Can be posted online.


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