Its funny when the honesty comes out.

So recently I've started being a little more blunt and honest in my answers on here which I have found irritates people when compared to being more sympathetic or open-minded.

For example: If I see a question where say a girl says she has had over 20 sexual partners I'm going to call her out on it and say that she's either a slut and or gross. Same goes for men.

Now I understand not being rude and there's a nice way to put things but I don't want to sugar coat things. Your opinion?
You people need to stop being so butt hurt about the example I've given, its an example people. Get over it.


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  • I am blunt (and sometimes rude) to people who I believe are hateful. I'm a tad offended at your term "slut" for women who sleep around, but it's not a matter of misogyny because you apply that to men too. It's still offensive and implies they are bad people for having a lot of consensual sex, which they cannot change, and maybe they want to settle down but it hasn't worked out. I would just accept that some people have different lifestyles and prefer promiscuity, or they fell in love and got hurt many times. However, that is your opinion, and the fact that you see it in an egalitarian way makes me respect it. It saddens me when other men don't care if a woman who has had 2 or 20 sexual partners, they will still label her a slut because they suffer a Madonna/Whore complex.

    I do like to sugar-coat things and empathize while keeping the truth intact, especially if the person seems genuine. I don't do passive-aggressive "I'm going to be nice because you seem nice, and I'll tell you [insert something mean here]." I don't do that. And like I said above, abrasive people also get what I truly think.

    I don't regret speaking my mind on here, even if I end up getting blocked and hated by many on this site. My friends and fanbase are growing, and I'm the one laughing in the end. ;D


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  • You talk as if you invented the wheel lol

    • I don't really follow, I've just tried to ask how people got responses based on how they answered questions. That's it..

  • Well I have has 70 partners so I'm an ultra slur and could give a damn less, what anyone thinks.

    I use protection.

    I love sex.

    I will only live once, so why not enjoy the extent of my sexuality.

    Label me if you want...I'm having a great time.

    Now people that feel the need to label others, or put them down that says something about the security of yourself.

    It's easy to judge and label, but there are reasons behind why one might do the things they have done.


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  • I don't use derogatory words when I utilize brutal honesty, but at the same time, I don't sugar coat. Telling the truth doesn't mean demeaning someone.

    To utilize your example of 'the girl who says she's had 20 sexual partners,' if the context was that she was wondering why she got an STI, I would say something like 'you were probably what people refer to as 'too easy.' Thus, the type of guy you attract is probably the kind of guy who doesn't care who he knocks up or what kind of diseases he spreads. You need to reexamine yourself and your morals to figure out why you got this disease.'

    Sounds soft, but it gets the point across just as well- and without causing a fight.

  • I've been doing this since day one.

  • Honest bigotry is still bigotry.

    you can try and pretend that people are offended by the bluntness of your honesty , but that's not it. you have medieval attitudes and opinions which are offensive to modern people.

  • I have started doing the same thing. by the way I am grateful for the anonymous button. :) The thing is, people have just told me what they thought I wanted to hear for so long, that I never made any changes to my life. So I never got any better. It wasn't until I found someone that was brutally honest, that I was able to see what I was doing wrong. If I am going to help someone that means that sometimes I have to tell them something they don't want to hear.

    For example a girl might ask why guys don't approach her. Most people will try to make her feel better by just blaming all the men as being intimidated and weak. When the real answer is often, that her shyness is causing her to display body language that tells men to stay back. Or what the girl might mean is she isn't being approached by the types of guys she wants to be approached by, and she just needs to get more realistic expectations. A lot of people are too afraid of offending someone to give any constructive criticism.

    I have turned into the type of person that if I see a booger hanging off your nose, I will tell you, instead of being a jerk and let you walk around like that all day, like most people would.

    • @update. It is kinda funny how all of these people are offended by being called sluts, and don't think you should judge them for having a different moral code. Yet they have no problem with judging, and calling you names for having a different moral code from themselves. These people can do whatever they want, but I am not going to lie when someone asks me a question on here. We shouldn't have to lie about how we feel about something, especially when the question is about our opinion.

  • Good job? Many people do that on a daily basis. You call out these "sluts" and whatnot for *gasp* having sex, and people like me call out little boys like you who think it's their duty to slut-shame.

    Maybe I should make a question about my heroics...

    • lol wtf are you talking about? Its based on opinion, duh. What heroics princess?

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    • Did I say they can't enjoy sex? Your a moron.

    • *You're

      And if you don't have a trained response to these "sluts", then what is your reason for taking such a personal interest in other people's sex lives then?

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