Color Oops Hair Color Remover question?

Hi. I'm naturally medium-brown hair color, but I've been dying it reddish for about a year and a half. Right now it's messed up because I'd just dye the whole head over and over instead of roots then the rest so the bottom is darker than the top.

I want to dye it a new color red, but I don't want it to stay this weird ombre thing. Would Color Oops work to make my hair brown again or would it just screw everything up?


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  • ha ha I've been there done that, I dye my hair red as well, and like you I usually just keep on going over the old color. I've used color oops and its really great at taking out the old color. In my opinion you should try it.


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  • Buy some hair color remover from a salon or drugstore. Carefully read the instructions and do exactly what it says.

  • A good color stripper, do a test strand and have a new color to dye it after


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