Such a thing as too many gifts?

So my girlfriend and I have been together for almost a year now. For her graduation I got her a pack of dried fruits (she loves those), a necklace with a bird and heart on it to symbolize her nickname and my caring for her, and a baseball cap with her trademark doodle on the front and her last name on the back. Then for her birthday, I got her a pair of 4 leaf clover earrings and a 2 part necklace saying "best friends" (they were out of anything with boyfriend/girlfriend sayings). Christmas I got her a pair of knee high converse and busted the $20 limit... Valentine's Day I got her a card and drew my version of it and gave her both. And sometimes I've surprised her with other little things. Like a sewing thimble from a horse derby museum (she likes sewing and horses), a heart necklace that I made myself, gum, some art pieces I made, and I usually treat her to food and movies with my own money. She groans when I give her presents and always pay for our outings. Usually I hear people complaining about their gfs wanting more stuff. I know some people are going to say she's manipulating me and using reverse psychology, but this is purely my choice and she's never asked or hinted at wanting anything. When we're going out for a coffee or something small like that, I'll let her pay to make her feel better. But I want to know, do some girls actually want the guy to not spend money on her? And I know about the "feminists" who "want freedom from men", but that's not unnatural. I'm talking about a girl that likes chivalry but doesn't want the guy to pay so much. Chivalry IS the guy spending money on her and other kind gestures. Whenever we go out and we drive somewhere, no matter who's driving, I always get out first and let her out. I tell her that if anything I do makes her uncomfortable to tell me honestly. The only thing she ever says is me paying for so much. So am I going beyond expectations or is she just watching out for my money? She does buy me gifts and she does make me stuff too. It's not completely a one sided thing. But in general, I would say I get her more things. She's mentioned a couple times that I spoil her. And if you're a gold digger, please don't hit on me or anything. I'm with her, not looking for any trouble. Ok? Thanks.


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  • its a little weird since you're under 18

    • Currently, I'm 17 and she's 19. It's not a big age difference. And we get along very well. Is it just weird because of my age?

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    • occasions.

    • as long as you're OK with it and she's OK with it then I don't see why not

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