Girls, would you tell a guy you don't like him when, in fact, you do?

She has told me she doesn't like me, which I get and is perfectly fine. The thing is that I want to mind my own business and she keeps bugging me and by bugging me I mean making small talk, jokey comments and teasing.

When she says she doesn't like me I mean as a person. She tells me I'm a jerk, pretentious and annoying. There are people who don't think that of me so I talk to them and avoid her. However, she is always trying to get my attention when I'm talking to somebody else, teasing me so everybody can hear it, asking me questions about a topic I'm not even discussing with her and things like that.

She gets along with EVERYBODY and laughs at their jokes and finds everything they say interesting. When I talk to her I'm being annoying, bugging her, telling me "thats so interesting" in a sarcastic way, etc.

So my question is, do girla try to hide the fact that they like a guy by acting like this? She seems like a normal girl, close to her family, smart so I don't know why she is wasting her time talking to me on a dailu basis.


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  • some of us girls do that. I for one did that once. It's like trying so hard not to like this person and trying to find excuses to tell yourself why that person isn't right.

    Even when we (and by we I mean in my experience) try to be nice, we block out and say the first stupid thing that comes to mind. There are just some type of guys who provoke this. Especially those who are reaaally good looking. We immediately think they have to be a jerk.

    I do not know about her but it does seem pretty suspicious that she asks so hard for your attention.


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