Should children be taught things their parents/culture disagree with?

So for example there may be parents that don't want their child to be taught about contraception, sex education, other religions, global warming, certain historical events or evolution because it goes against their beliefs

and should they be able to remove their child from those classes?


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  • No, children should be exposed to as many different view points of a multitude of events (things like sex ed/ contraception is basic health care information and extremely important, less people know the more STI's and possibly higher levels of HIV/AIDS). Parents should not have the right to limit their children's capacity to form their own opinions and any parent that does this to their child is oppressing them, a parent's belief system should be an option for the child. It is no ones job to teach people what to think but it is the parent and the school's/ states obligation to educate children enough to be able to form their own views.


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  • If it's going to better the child, why not?

    I find it pretty stupid that some parents don't want their children learning sex ed at school. It's tame to the point of being too strict. There are specific rules and the teachers DO NOT break those rules, ever.

    If a kid is going to a public school they should learn about evolution (oh that darnedest theory) and global warming, other religions.

    Because when children are restricted they grow up ignorant to the world around and/or they rebel.

    I know a girl who went to a christian private school and wasn't allowed to learn about Egypt and Mesopotamia because that would somehow lead to worshiping Horus? ':-1 yeahhhhh

    Yeah, I guess they have that right, but it only hinders the poor kid.

    But the child should have the choice to hear the vital information (state education) and parent dictated education (beliefs) then decide what they want to decide.


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  • They should be able to and are able to. Nobody ever came up with a "you will send your child to public school" law.

    • But if they only go public school and you take the kid out of math class because of 'belief'

      then you could possibly be put in jail

      why should it be any different?

    • It shouldn't. If you have a problem with anything in the public school curriculum, send them to a private or charter school or homeschool them.

  • Let the children discover for themselves on what they want to believe.

  • The state should not force their beliefs on the kids. It is the Parent's job to teach these issues not the state.

    • what about math?

      if someone disagrees with equations should we just let them take their child out?

  • Yes. They are the parents. They make the rules.

  • No. If they're smart parents they will let the child form his/her own opinion. A well informed child will be able to do that.

    Just like if a parent is prejudice against a certain race. Let your child form their own opinion.

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