Is my boyfriend loosing interest in me and our relationship?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year tomorrow. We are both 18 and seniors in high school. I have just felt that he's been different recently, he doesn't text me as much and he goes out with his friends so much more. I'm just worried. I'm not the kinda girl who's high maintenance, I'm very laid back. I do see him almost everyday and I try to stay away so he can miss me. He recently has been telling me I'm "cool" "your cool, you let me hang with my friends" and quote on quote "f*** the sh*t out of you ". Lol but I don't know if by saying I'm "cool" is a hint toward friends or f*** buddies?! I did ask saying "hey if everything okay with us? I know I've been sick lately so we haven't had time to hang, but I just wanted to make sure?" He responded "yeaaaa" and I left it at that. We still tell each other we love one another. I sometimes over think things? Am I doing that in this situation? Thanks for listening! Haha


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  • You're over thinking things.

    Your relationship is just fine.


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